Behind the Beauty: Meet Anna of Fitglow Beauty


Welcome back to Behind the Beauty, where you get an inside peek at what goes on behind the scenes of our favorite luxury beauty brands. This week, we're introducing you to Anna Domi of Fitglow Beauty, one of our newest skincare and makeup lines. We could go on and on about this Canadian brand and how incredible it is, with its active, potent formulas and makeup that acts like skincare, all with the purpose of making women feel good about themselves and promoting confidence and self-love, but we really just think you should try it for yourself. So, read on to hear Anna's inspiring story (and scroll all the way to the bottom for an exclusive gift when you try the line this December!).

What's Fitglow's origin story?

Fitglow Beauty started a decade ago as a dream of wanting to create natural, effective and easy to use products for women with an active lifestyle. I grew up in Europe and always believed that we are what we eat and that our skin is just an extension of that. I started in school with visual arts with a huge passion for painting but realized that my pretty pictures would probably not pay my bills so I used my athletic background to get certified as a personal trainer to put myself through business school.

I spent over a decade working in technology while continuing to live an active lifestyle … discovering most cities that I traveled to while jogging early in the morning before my meetings. I continued to further my knowledge in natural nutrition, formulating and skin. As little passion projects, I helped create products for other brands and did makeup for friends' wedding or photo shoots. Makeup always inspired me as much as painting a piece of art and working on skincare formulas got my nerdy brain going.

A few years ago, my life changed dramatically as I was rear ended by a car while being stopped at a red light. Suffering from spine and nerve damage, I was very restricted from my normal life of work, travel and fitness. As a distraction to my daily migraines and pain I actually slowly started to work on a few products for Fitglow again and focusing on making other feel great when I didnt feel my best. 

I get asked all the time how I came up with the name Fitglow and most people that know me think that it is from my fitness background, the glow you get after a great yoga session or workout. Actually Fitglow to me has always been about the glow you get when you feel like you fit in or feel good in your skin.

Moving multiple countries early in my life and not speaking the language or being part of the communities always made me feel like a bit of a misfit. I feel that we are always too judgmental and hard on each other. So my goal with Fitglow is always to make my customers feel great and lift confidence so they can step into their world feeling great. When we feel great we have more confidence and sometimes that leads to taking the next great step in life.

What's your favorite product from the line? Why?

Thats a really had question to answer as there are so many that have been my skin savers but if I had to narrow it down I would pick the Redness Rescue Cream as it immediately calm rosacea and reduces skins redness.

What's the most challenging thing about being a small business owner?

Finding BALANCE is one of the most challenging things right now especially when you wear so many different hats as a small business owner. One minute I’m  working on product development , then website and shipping and Instagram and customer service and the list goes on. Making lists and prioritizing has helped tremendously but some days can still get silly. Plus when you’re super passionate about what you do its hard sometimes to disconnect from the business as it becomes a huge part of you and even in social situations you end up speaking about the business.

What passions do you have outside working on your line?

So many passions and soo little time : ) … I am passionate about art, music and anything creative plus have a  huge passion for animal wellbeing. Cruelty free to me is not just a check mark for Fitglow but something that I hope to positively impact in the future. I am working on a project  to bring more awareness to the horribly cruel way the beauty industry treats animals and how we can make a difference. It's heartbreaking that what makes us feel beautiful has such an ugly side and it's not just the animal testing but the use of animal hair in makeup brushes. There are still companies that claim “cruelty-free” because they don’t test on animals but they use animal hair in their brushes which comes from torturing or killing innocent creatures. 


What has changed most in the green beauty industry since you started Fitglow?

I think there is a great movement and an even bigger awareness of green beauty. Women are more educated about all the toxic ingredients that are out there and are choosing better beauty products and looking for cleanser alternatives. One thing that I love about where were are now in green beauty is that the  level of performance and selection can match any non green beauty brand so women can confidantly make the switch and get the performance that they are looking for. 

How can we be more conscious consumers to affect change in the beauty industry?

Choosing better ingredients and brands that are better for you not only improves your wellbeing but also puts pressure on other companies to clean up their ingredients and offer better choices making a larger impact in the beauty industry. 

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed or burned out?

I love being active and doing anything outdoors especially anything on the water like paddle boarding or going for a swim. I have a slight addiction to cooking healthy and creating meals helps me find some zen at the end of the day. 

When you think about working on your line, what gets you most excited?

It's easy to get excited about blending pretty colours but what gets me truly excited it how to improve skin conditions but feeling the skin the right nutrients not just through skincare but into makeup. The Vita Active Foundation is an example of being a true skin care product that delivers antioxidants and nutrients while proving healthy coverage. 

Why is it important for us to be concerned about what we’re putting on our skin?

I always say that we are what we eat and what we absorb and that statement is true when it comes to our skin as well. Your skin is impacted by the nutrients that we eat but also it absorbs what we apply to it. So if we are apply ingredients that are not healthy for the skin our skin will not be its best and look the way we want it to plus more importantly the skin can absorb toxins that can impact our overall health so its important to apply products that feed your skin and provide it with the nutrients it need for optimal health. 

Thanks so much for sharing, Anna! Now it's your turn, EcoDiva! Get a FREE vegan clutch and Good Gloss in Deep from Fitglow Beauty when you spend more than $100 on the line in December. Just add the Fitglow products to you cart and we'll add your free gift at checkout!



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