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A Natural Home Birth Story: Welcome Arrow

home birth stories

This is the story of how Arrow came in to our lives. It isn't graphic, so there is no need to close your eyes. It is almost everything I could have hoped for.  I hope it is empowering, fear dissolving and inspiring. Sharing my life through words and pictures is something that I've always loved to do. It is a way for me to remember precious moments and keep memories alive as time passes. I never captured the birth or got newborn photos of my first two children, and it is something I've always regretted.  When I got pregnant this time, I knew it was my chance to do everything I never did with the other two. This also meant not finding out the sex before the baby was born, which was the most fun!


Not So Fantastic: The Environmental Dangers of Plastic Water Bottles

The Dangers of Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic: It's not only a material that's designed to last forever, but it's also a material that is cheap and easy to produce. It sounds like the perfect invention, but in fact it's slowly destroying our beautiful planet, our animals, our natural resources and our environment.

DIY Natural Deodorant: Lavender & Sage

Lavender Deodorant resized 600

When most people embark on a holistic lifestyle, they typically start by making meaningful changes to their diet followed by improvements to their skincare routine. Wholesome, organic foods replace their genetically modified counterparts, while cleansers and creams filled with toxins are swapped out for eco-friendly, all natural products. It’s a process. However sometimes during that process, we forget to make the change when it comes to that often hidden, tucked away body part: our underarms. It’s just as important as any other skin on your body, if not more so, so take a look at what’s in your current antiperspirant and consider making some changes (like to a DIY deodorant that works).


How to Make Homemade Tofu

How to make your own tofu

Tofu. Glorious tofu. Delicious organic soy protein. Vegan delight.


Making Smart Scent Choices: Spring Fragrances

best spring fragrances

Welcome another guest blogger to Eco Diva! Brittany is a future registered holistic nutritionist from Calgary, Alberta.Her lifestyle blog North of Bloom focuses on wellness achieved naturally, including lifestyle tips, recipes and green beauty love, interlaced with her other passions such as travel, DIY projects and design. She's sharing a little more about why we should be careful to note what's in our perfumes (and we're sharing our picks for the best spring fragrances!).


DIY Natural Makeup Brush Cleaner + Brush Care


How To: Coconut Milk Chocolate Mousse Recipe

young coconut nutrition

Welcome Chelsea Harms to the Eco Diva blog! Chelsea is a marine scientist and yoga instructor from the island of Puerto Rico. Her blog sea, field & tribe documents daily living inspired by nature, and is a creative outlet where she shares do-it-yourself projects, recipes, tips for sustainable living and travelogues of adventures abroad. When she is not underwater diving with the exotic fish of the Caribbean, she is sharing the journey to a simpler, more organic lifestyle.


Review: How The La Bella Figura Hair Elixir Transforms Hair Health

La Bella Figura Bohemia Verde Hair Elixir

Ok ladies, let's talk about hair—healthy hair that glistens and shines! We all know what a healthy diet filled with the right vitamins, antioxidants and minerals can do for our skin and hair, but what we put on our hair to wash and style it with is just as important. Having a background in the skincare industry for quite some time now, I’ve had my fair share of experience working in botanical-inspired hair salons and using their products. For a while I was convinced that I had found my perfect hair care regimen... Then I tried La Bella Figura Bohemia Verde Aromatic Hair Elixir and everything I thought I knew about creating beautiful and stylish locks of healthy hair went out the window.

DIY Skin Care Recipes: Your Essential Guide To Prep Skin for Spring

Spring Skin Prep1 resized 600

If you’ve been living in a cold weather region, then for the past few months you’ve probably been hiding under bulky sweaters, coats, scarves and boots. When you’re covered in layers of clothing day in and day out, it’s easy to ignore dry, flaky skin, but with spring on the horizon it’s time to get serious about reviving your dull, neglected skin. As we peel off those wintry wool layers and transition into the season of renewal and vibrance, here are a few simple DIY skin care recipes and steps to quickly restore your skin’s silky, smooth glow.

The Benefits of Vitamin C Skincare

Essentialsof VitaminC resized 600Welcome another guest blogger to Eco Diva! Karina Noa, a hair stylist and makeup artist with more than 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. She's worked in one of the most prestigious salons in Scandinavia, and as a freelance makeup artist. Karina is the founder and CEO of the Danish beauty web shop, which she recently sold to start up new adventures in Sydney, Australia. Read on to find out about her tips for the best vitamin C skincare.

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