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Feed Your Skin With Organic Homemade Nut Milk

Nut Milk3 resized 600

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or a non-exclusionary eater, adding distinctly nutty and refreshing almond milk to your diet is a simple way to load up on essential nutrients and trace minerals that your body (including your skin) needs.  The organic store bought versions are a perfectly fine option (just be sure to read the labels for sweeteners, additives and preservatives), but nothing compares to freshly made almond milk that hasn’t been sitting on a shelf.  

DIY Beauty: De-Stress This Holiday With A Relaxing Body Oil

EDB DIYRelaxingBodyOil 1 resized 600

I can already feel it. My shoulders are creeping up into my ears, I’m getting tension headaches and I’m having trouble sleeping. All of that, combined with the fact that my region is covered in snow, can only mean one thing: The holiday season is upon us.

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Eucalyptus & Pine DIY Christmas Wreaths

DIY christmas wreaths

Wreath's are a long time tradition dating back to many, many centuries ago. There is much symbolism in such a lovely decorated object of nature. The Holidays and the Winter season is a great time to bring nature back to your home where you can. As you can see in the photos, I rejoice in simple, festive winter decor. I decided this year to create my own universal designed winter wreath. Being an Eco Diva at heart, I believe less is more and love to use all natural materials to bring my home to life in the darkest and coldest time of year! Today I bring to you this easy, DIY tutorial to make your own Eucalyptus and Pine Winter wreath! I chose Eucalyptus because I love the natural healing, cleansing and purity properties this plant brings. Plus the little branch-blossoms look so delightfully holiday-ish, like tiny mistletoe. Eucalyptus also dries out beautifully. I used fresh eucalyptus and over time it will dry out and still look so pretty. The pine is fragrantly uplifting and adds that extra winter season flair. The eucalyptus leaves and pine needles are framed by dried willow branches which are so imperfectly perfect in form... What could be more easy and simple than an natural and easy do it yourself winter decor project? Hang your wreath over your window or adorn your front door, you just can’t go wrong. So now for the tutorial...


DIY Beauty: Saving Face With A Sweet Clementine Enzyme Mask

Clementines2 resized 600

One of the best things you can do as you prepare your skin for winter is take advantage of the season's petite yet potent clementine.  This early winter gem is rich in citric acid, which can brighten your complexion and stimulate a healthy glow reminiscent of those dewy, summer days. 

Holiday Recipes: Sweet Potato Souffle


5 Must-Have Nail Trends for the Holiday Season

5 Holiday Nail Trends EDB 1 resized 600

With holiday parties abounding, the easiest way to up your trendy game without spending a fortune on multiple party dresses is to swipe your digits with en vogue nail colors. From neutral art to bold metallics, this season’s trends require only novice manicure knowledge to nail them. Just add your favorite little black dress and you’re ready for your office party, your family celebration and your girlfriends’ get-together.

Green Gift Ideas For The Eco Diva

green gift ideas

Santa is checking his list twice, and there’s no better item on his list than clean, natural and organic beauty products! The holidays are here at Eco Diva Beauty and we are decking the halls with delicious green gifts that hold a curated sampling of our favourite products not only to gift to others, but to yourself!  

Organic Makeup: ILIA Beauty Tinted Moisturizer and Concealer Review

EDB ILIA1a resized 600

When I first heard that organic, natural beauty powerhouse ILIA Beauty was releasing a tinted moisturizer and concealer, I knew I had to get my hands on it, stat. The brand is always on point with its stylish, trendy lip colors and I can’t get enough of its lip crayons (seriously—I own them all). 

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Confessions Of An Eco Diva: My Morning Ritual, Abhyanga


This morning ritual is called Abhyanga in Sanskrit. Its part of an ancient Indian healing system called Ayurveda. Ayus meaning life and Veda meaning wisdom. I was first exposed to this consciousness-based system after a doctor prescribed sojourn to the Chopra center five years ago.  Since then I have incorporated many of their rituals into my life.  I wish I could say I was a strict adherent to every aspect of this awesome lifestyle but I am a work in progress and being a bit of a diva I’ve made some modifications to suit my personal preferences. 

The Forgotten Veggie Your Diet Needs


If you were asked what your favorite green vegetables are, you’d probably mention some of the usual grassy-hued superstars such as kale, spinach, romaine, iceberg, asparagus, broccoli, even Brussels sprouts.  However there’s one common vegetable that should be added to this list for its versatility in cooking and its incredible health benefits: cabbage. 

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