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How To: Sunrise Chia Seed Smoothie Recipe

Chia Seed Smoothie Recipe

Looking for a refreshing fruit smoothie loaded with tons of health and beauty benefits? Look no further! I chose to do a rendition of One Love Organics: Chia Whip Purifying Foam Cleanser.


Get the Look with Kjaer Weis: Winter Simplicity

KWGetheLookWinter2015 resized 600

Pale neutrals and soft pinks are the perfect antidote to sharp winter sunlight. A subtle depth around the eyes is achieved by layering light browns and beige; pretty pinks and a touch of shimmery highlighter on the face and lips creates a refreshed, healthy radiance.


Why You'll Love the Health Benefits of Blood Oranges

Blood Orange Health Benefits

If you’re a true green foodie-phile, I’m sure you’ve noticed the abundance of blood oranges in your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds lately. That's no accident: We are in the midst of the most beautiful blood orange season, a time to enjoy the deliciously sweet citrus in all of its crimson glory.

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Top 10 Pregnancy Beauty Products

pregnancy beauty products
Pregnancy is not a time to be baptizing your unborn child in synthetic chemicals and preservatives. If you aren't aware of the toxic ingredients in personal care products, here is list of ingredients to avoid. Eco Diva makes it easy to take the guess work out of shopping for pregnancy safe beauty products. So instead of pouring over ingredient lists, check out these face and body goodies that are bump-approved for pregnancy – and beyond.

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10 Reasons You'll Want To Know How to Make Rose Petal Tea

How to Make Rose Petal Tea
Have you ever tried a fresh pot of home-brewed rose petal tea? It is fragrant, lightly sweet and perfectly delicious! Rose petal tea instantly says beauty and love. Say "I love you" this month with this unbelievably easy recipe with loads of health and beauty benefits. Rose petal tea benefits both men and women alike, thougwomen tend to benefit even more by drinking the sweet tea. Rose petal tea will promote overall clarity and ease from the inside out. 

10 Rose Petal Tea Benefits  


Maternity Photo Shoot For An Eco Diva

maternity photos ideas

Pregnancy, one of the most precious and beautiful times of life. With new shape comes new purpose, and fierce feminine strength. I sit back in utter and complete awe when I think about the process and what a miracle it is. I'm acutely aware of what a gift it is to be able to be a vessel for life, a gift I am so thankful for. 

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Eco Diva's Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentines Day Gift Ideas 2

This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself (or get a special someone to treat you!) to our top gifts for Valentine's Day. With relaxing options like a detox bath soak and bright ideas like magenta lipstick, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. And if you need more gifts for Valentine's Day, visit our Love Shop for lots of inspiration!

Embracing Power & Beauty: Jillian Harris

Women In Business
In our latest installment of Embracing Power & Beauty, we're chatting with Jillian Harris. She's an accomplished interior designer, female entrepreneur and TV personality. We admire the passion and excitement she brings to everything she does.

ED: Tell us about yourself and your business.

Help Save The Dolphins With World Love for Dolphins Day

news-150108-1-WLDD final

Join Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Supporters Worldwide at “World Love for Dolphins Day

Demonstrations Against Taiji’s Brutal Dolphin Hunts to Take Place at Japanese Embassies and Consulates in the U.S. and Overseas

Review: How I Detoxed With the Pursoma Resurrection Bath Soak

Pursoma Resurrection Bath Soak

WHOA! Where can I even begin on my experience with the Pursoma Resurrection Bath Soak? In a nutshell, I was wiped out then brought back to life again. Seriously. When Pursoma says “this bath is no joke,” they mean it. This bath soak isn’t a joke and most definitely will kick your booty! It did to mine, and yet I am thankful! Sign me up for another please!

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