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6 Ways Figs Will Give You Glowing Skin

Antioxidant foods

With their leathery wrinkled skin, it’s a bit ironic that figs boast big anti-aging and skin smoothing benefits. We love to enjoy their lushly sweet, watermelon-hued inner flesh as a culinary treat during the late summer and early fall months, but that same pink pulp and even the outer peel contain numerous nutrients that can be applied topically to remedy acne and polish your skin. 

DIY All Natural Lip Treatment

DIY Lip treatment

Often times our lips are forgotten... We’ve deep conditioned our hair, gotten a mani/pedi, put on our weekly facial masque and moisturized our bodies, but what about our lips?

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Supernatural Makeup Must-Haves from W3LL People

w3ll people narcissist foundation reviews

In a green beauty world filled with mineral makeup, it can be hard to know where to start. Loose mineral powder, pressed mineral powders, liquid mineral makeup—it’s ubiquitous, readily available everywhere from the local drugstore to the high-end beauty retailer. But, not all mineral makeup is on the same playing field when it comes to skin-nourishing ingredients and staying power.


End of Summer Heirloom Tomato Salad

Easy Healthy Recipes

Vibrant, fire engine red tomatoes bursting with bright flavors are one of the best parts of summer eating.  Of course you can get them year round, but the fall and winter fruits just aren’t the same as the summer harvested gems.  But what about the oddly shaped variety of tomatoes produced in a rainbow of shades called heirlooms?


DIY Lash Growth Serum

Lash growth serum 900 resized 600

Some of us weren’t blessed with thick, luscious lashes that nary need a coat of mascara to frame our eyes, and not all of us have full, voluminous hair that translates into the bushy, strong brows that are, like, so in this season. Or, we’ve tweezed and plucked our way to thin, sad brows that we’re now desperately begging to grow back.


It's Time To Get Your Dr. Sponge On!

Dr. Sponge Reviews

Facial cleansing sponges are quickly becoming the must have on beauty lists! Why? They’re eco-friendly, easy to use and effectively target skin concerns of all kinds!

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Summer Cleanse: Exotic Herbal Iced Teas

Summer Cleanse

Have you ever wondered why dieters turn to iced black tea with a lemon wedge as their go-to beverage?  Derived from the Camellia senensis plant, black tea offers metabolism-boosting benefits, including high amounts of caffeine, a well-established stimulant and appetite suppressant, but there are other chilled herbal choices that you can add to your iced tea mix that boast numerous health and wellness benefits. 

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Can Your Trip To The Spa Be Green?

eco-friendly products

Who doesn’t enjoy a little pampering? And while Eco Diva makes it oh-so easy to pamper yourself at home with eco-friendly products, its always nice to treat yourself (or have someone treat you if you are lucky) to a day at the spa. But what about the lotions they are massaging into your skin? The bleach and hair dyes going down the drain? And the polishes they are using on your nails? Do you need to sacrifice your health and the health of our planet in order to get pampered at the spa?  

Get The Look With Kjaer Weis: Sun Touched Simplicity

Kjaer weis reviews

— Simplify your summer beauty routine with just one
product. Using just the Kjaer Weis Cream Blush, they've created a look
that’s carefree as a late summer day.



Grilled Avocado with Peaches, Caramelized Onions & Herbs

foods for glowing skin

If you’re an avocado aficionado, then you’re aware of the numerous ways to incorporate this superfood into your diet. In addition to being smashed into guacamole, cubed in a salad, spread as a toast topper and blended into a smoothie, summer brings a wonderfully smoky addition to your arsenal of avocado preparations:  grilled avocado. 

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